Low Tension Pilfer Resistant Metering Cubicle


(A) Features # Compact in design, Low cost and maintenance free.
# Used mainly for outdoor L.T metering on poles.
# Separate Meter compartment and CT compartment.
# Available in 3Phase 3Wire and 3Phase 4Wire systems.
# C.T's are epoxy molded to avoid any pilferage.
# C.T's are provided with various inner diameter according to requirement of cable size.
# Complete dust & vermin proof confirming to IP55 with locking and sealing arrangement.
# No secondary circuit wires are accessible outside which avoids chances of energy theft.
# Stable accuracy over life time.
# Provision of installing modem inside the cubicle provided.
# Non hygroscopic CT's.
(B) Application # Precision check metering, control indication.
# Largely used for Metering of LT consumers .
(C) Specification   
SL. Particulars Unit Description
1 Type of Box   Sheet Metal or SMC
2 Type of CT   Epoxy Resin Cast Bar Primary L.T.C.T
3 Operating System Voltage V 230 , 440
4 Power Frequency Dry withstand Voltage KVp(rms) 3 to 6
5 Transformation ratio Amp 50 to 1200 or as per requirement
6 Rated Secondary Current Amp 5.0
7 Fault Level of CT KA upto 6 KA for 1 or 3 sec
8 No of CT no 4 Nos for 3Phase 4Wire System
3 Nos for 3Phase 3Wire System
9 Output Burden VA Upto 30 at 0.8 pF lag.
10 Accuracy class -  
  Metering - 0.5  & 1.0
ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company