Standard CTs

Standard CTs   Standard CTs

(A) Features/Application
  • Available in compact design in sleek wooden case .
  • Used for accurate measurement of AC Current or for Current Transformer calibration purpose.
  • Standard CTs provides high accuracy even at low burden as 2.5VA without compensation.
  • Standard CT are designed with tapped Primary and Secondary winding for providing current range of 5 to 5000Ampere.
  • Thoroughly type tested from NABL Approved Labs.
(B) Specification
  • Primary :-
    2.5 Amps to 200Amps attainable through pre-wound primary taps provided on Std CT. 250 to 5000Amps attainable through customer applied primary turns through center of Std CT.
  • Secondary:-
  • Accuracy Class:-
    0.1 or 0.05 as per IEC at 1VA burden.
  • Duty Cycle:-
    Continuous upto 2000Amps and 30 minutes above 2000Amps.
  • Weight:-
    22 Kgs (approx)
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